My name is Lizy Bailey. I am a student, a nanny, an almost-published author, and an aspiring writer. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here you can read the daily devotions I write, stories that are most likely embarrassing for me, my random opinions that I thought worthwhile, book reviews of literally everything I read, and some occasional research posts if I’m curious about things! Beware, sometimes there will be curse words, and my opinions lean heavily toward Christianity, as I am one of those people. Enjoy, friend. Godspeed.

  • The Joy of Repentance

    January 14, 2020 by

    As Christians, one of our most imperative doctrines is that of repentance. We’ve been saved by a merciful God and because of that we are drawn towards repentance by the Holy Spirit. For those who haven’t had the scales taken off their eyes, repentance sucks. You have to see that you’re in the wrong and… Read more

  • Review of "Prayer" by Tim Keller

    January 8, 2020 by

    We must pray whether we feel like it or not. timmy keller, pg 89 of Prayer This book will be going on my Life Changing Books List. Tim Keller is beloved by most in the Reformed community and Justin Bieber. He’s smart, lovely, caring, and a little bald which is endearing. For many years he… Read more

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